Dead bobcat found hanging from Tennessee high school goalpost

Authorities in Tennessee Thursday are hunting for the twisted prankster that hanged a bobcat from a high school goalpost days before a football game between two rival schools.

The animal was first spotted Tuesday by students at Tullahoma High School, the home of the Wildcats, The Manchester Times reported. The students told their teacher about the gruesome discovery.

Dan Lawson, the director of schools from the county, said police were informed and animal control removed the big cat from the school's practice field.

"This isn't what a rivalry is about and this is not what our school and community are about," Joey Vaughn, the principal from the opposing school, Coffee County Central, told the paper.

Vaughn said he has no idea who committed the "callous" act and promised an investigation. The Coffee Pot game is still scheduled for Friday night.

The Tullahoma News pointed out that bobcat hunting season in the area does not begin until Nov. 21. It is unclear how the animal died.

"That is not a good way to treat a critter for a  prank, that’s for sure," Doug Markham, from the Tennessee Wildlife Resource Agency, said.