Couple in Colorado rescue crash victims: report

Couples that pay attention and do something together save lives together.

Or so it seems for a Colorado couple who helped pull two people out of a crashed car on an I-76 off-ramp moments before the vehicle caught fire, as Fox 31 Denver reported.

“It was crazy,” Elexcus Garcia said. “Yeah, we definitely did not expect to be pulling someone from a burning car last night.”

Garcia said she and her boyfriend, Jonathan Moreno, pulled over and noticed leaking fluids from one of the cars. The good Samaritans rushed over.

“The fire was getting bigger and we didn’t want the car to blow up so we moved them further away,” Garcia said. “There was a lot of people there, like, that were watching, recording on their phones and stuff like that, and I was like, wow, it’s crazy to me that no one called an ambulance.”

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