Ceremony marks return of 1795 time capsule to cornerstone of Massachusetts Statehouse

A time capsule originally dating to 1795 has been returned to the granite cornerstone of the Massachusetts Statehouse for a future generation to discover.

The capsule — a small brass box — was removed during a water filtration project last year and later opened to reveal a set of old newspapers and coins, and a medal depicting George Washington.

Modern day coins and a plaque commemorating Wednesday's event were put into the box.

Historians believe the box was first placed in the cornerstone by Revolutionary-era luminaries including Paul Revere and then-Massachusetts Gov. Samuel Adams. The contents were shifted to a sturdier container in 1855.

Gov. Charlie Baker and Secretary of State William Galvin participated in the public ceremony, along with the Grand Lodge of Masons, a fife and drum corps, and schoolchildren.