'Catch Me If You Can' 100 mph motorcyclist busted by police

A motorcycle rider who posted on Facebook a video showing him speeding through traffic at more than 100 mph, which he titled “Catch Me If You Can,” has been caught by police.

San Antonio Police announced Monday night that they arrested Alberto Rodriguez, 26, after following a lead on a stolen motorcycle.

The department, in a statement on its Facebook page, said Rodriguez was wanted on two outstanding felony warrants and a misdemeanor assault warrant, and may face charges in connection to the stolen vehicle.

In May 2013, Rodriguez posted to Facebook a helmet-cam video -- shared more than 10,000 times -- of him speeding and swerving through traffic on Texas’ Interstate 35, according to ABC News. San Antonio police began tracking Rodriguez in February after a member of the public posted his video on their page.

San Antonio Police Chief William McManus told Fox News last week that the video was "one of the most insanely dangerous things that I have ever seen."

“He brought this on himself,” McManus added. “He brought attention to himself.”