Cam Newton's Mother Cautions Him Not to Let the Devil Use His Platform

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Before Cam Newton stormed out of his press conference following his Carolina Panthers' Super Bowl 50 loss, the quarterback's mother, Jackie, advised him to use his platform to promote Jesus Christ.

Newton, 26, has been a hot button issue in the NFL after critics have questioned his "Dab" dance endzone celebrations. However, his mother sent him a Christ centered text message before he entered the big game.

"I want you to understand that hot and cold water comes out of different fountains. You are either hot or cold," she began her lengthy text message, shared by Newton on Instagram. "You have a big platform. Which fountain are you?"

While Newton was named the NFL MVP at the NFL Honors Saturday, his mother warned him against representing the devil with his public statements.

"Don't let the devil win over your words or speech that represent the dark world. But represent the awesome God you serve through your words," she wrote. "Don't confuse the devil and the enemy of what you are on: so speak boldly to the nations that you represent Christ for the great things He has done. Through your language and actions, speak words to uplift and not tear down."

She went on to tell her son not to promote the "devil's workshop" and quoted Proverbs 18:21 which states, "death and life are in the power of the tongue."

"The devil [doesn't] like positive words. That's why he keeps attacking because he ain't happy," she wrote. "You win with your character and powerful words that you speak."

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