Burger King employee believed to be in disturbing lettuce picture is fired

The Burger King employee involved in the disturbing picture showing someone standing with shoes on a container of shredded lettuce was fired by the owner of the local franchise, the company said in a statement to Fox8.com.

Many details of the picture that was posted on 4chan.org, a social networking website, remain unclear, but the anonymous user reportedly posted the picture along with a comment that said, "This is the lettuce you eat at Burger King."

According to a HyperVocal.com report, an aggravated 4chan user tracked the image’s geo-tagging to locate the employee. The photo was tagged back to Ohio. A Burger King spokeswoman would not confirm the precise location the picture was taken.

Cleveland.com reported that the picture was taken at the Mayfield Heights location, but could not confirm. The manager from the location reportedly said, "We don’t believe it is true."

The spokeswoman pointed out to Fox8.com that the company has a zero-tolerance policy against any violations like the one in question.

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