Boston fire crews battle flames in Charlestown marina; 2 boats sink, officials say

Two boats sank after three vessels caught fire at a marina in Boston's Charlestown neighborhood late Tuesday, officials said.

One woman who lived on a boat managed to escape the fire unscathed, Boston Fire Chief Robert Calobrisi told the Boston Globe, although the Boston Fire Department tweeted that no one was aboard the boats at the time of the fire.

While no injuries were reported, the fire caused an estimated $1 million in damage, the department said.


The fire chief suspected that stored fuel may have been a factor.

“I got to believe there was some diesel fuel on board one of the larger boats that kept stoking the fire,” Calobrisi told the Globe. “As soon as you hit it and darkened it down, it would reignite again, so that was the problem there. It took a while to extinguish.”

The fire was out early Wednesday, after a little more than an hour. Two of the boats were reported as complete losses, while the third may be salvageable.

“We’re just pretty fortunate that no one was hurt, we’re quite grateful for that, actually,” Calobrisi said. “That was the main thing. You can replace a boat, you can’t replace a person.”

The blaze drew dozens of firefighters to the marina around 11:20 p.m. local time, the Globe reported.

Officials have not confirmed what caused the fire and the investigation is ongoing.

As billowing black smoke filled the sky above the harbor, fire crews battled the blaze by land, using tower ladders, and by sea, with boat units, spraying the flames with water and foam, the Globe reported.