Bo Dietl: Obama should get off the golf course and attend NYPD funerals

Former NYPD detective Bo Dietl called on President Obama to come to New York City Monday and show support for law enforcement in the aftermath of the execution-style murder of two police officers.

"The president is playing golf now," Dietl told Fox News' "America's Newsroom." "I think the president should get his butt over here in New York and be at the funerals. They sent representatives to Ferguson -- Holder and all that."

"[He] should get off the damn golf course and attend these funerals and show the love and support he has for our fellow officers."

Dietl pointed the finger at the president, Attorney General Eric Holder and NYC Mayor Bill de Blasio for stirring up anti-police sentiment following the deaths of Michael Brown and Eric Garner. The suspect in Saturday's shooting mentioned both names in a social media post about "putting wings on pigs."

"They've taken two cases… and made them into racial events when they were not racial events," Dietl said. "They were just arrests that were being made."

Dietl fears copycat attacks if de Blasio doesn't "stand up and be a man" and apologize for allowing days of anti-police demonstrations saying his family had to "train" their biracial son how to act around cops.

"This to me is like 9/11 again if we don't get our hands around it," he said. "Bring us all together. Let's be together and unify instead of a division like this."

"We have the greatest police department in the world. Stop taking their heart of them. I talk to cops every day. Their heart is being taken out of them. Stand up for your cops."