Baby found in pickup truck after high-speed police chase ends in crash

A suspected drunk driver was arrested after leading Los Angeles police on a high-speed chase with a baby inside his pickup truck, authorities said Wednesday.

The chase ended when one of the California Highway Patrol cars rammed the male suspect's vehicle in a PIT maneuver on the freeway's off-ramp, video of the incident shows.

After the unnamed suspect exited the vehicle and surrendered to police, officers found the infant inside the truck in a child seat, KTTV reported.

The baby's condition was not given.

The chase began at around 10:12 p.m. local time Tuesday when LAPD officers tried to pull the driver over for a possible DUI after he was spotted speeding and driving erratically, but the suspect sped off onto the Pomona Freeway, according to KTTV.

Narcotics may have been thrown from the truck as the suspect took a number of freeways in a bid to make his escape.

The pursuit ended almost 50 minutes later in the Los Angeles suburb of Bell.

A woman who was in the pickup truck was also questioned by police, the station reported.

Newscore contributed to this report.