AZ parent slams school board for 'double standard' of hosting retirement party, canceling prom

Jennifer Alvey argues the interests of students in the school district 'are getting entirely overlooked'

A parent of five children in the Chandler Unified School District in Arizona blasted the district’s "double standard" for hosting a retirement party for the superintendent while canceling prom and limiting attendance at the graduation ceremony for seniors due to the coronavirus pandemic.

"Parents felt like the district just took a page out of the Marie Antoinette playbook there and said, ‘Let the seniors eat cake,’" Jennifer Alvey told "Fox & Friends Weekend" on Sunday.

She noted that seniors will not have a prom and are only allowed to invite two guests to their graduation, "which means most kids can't even include their immediate family in their graduation ceremony, one of the big events of their life."

"But we're also OK with going ahead and having a reception with food, buses, transporting guests in [with] everyone in close quarters on those buses, to celebrate our retiring superintendent," Alvey added.

She then noted that "we would want to celebrate our retiring superintendent, but we also as parents don't understand the double standard, why the district has certain things that are OK for the adults in the district and then the kids' interest in the district are getting entirely overlooked for the seniors."

The Chandler Unified School District (CUSD) in Chandler, Arizona, is hosting a retirement party for Superintendent Dr. Camille Casteel, the Daily Wire reported, noting that "a concerned parent group" told the outlet that a reception will be held and guests are allowed to bring four additional guests. The media outlet also noted that guests will be bused into the party using shuttles. 

A spokesperson with the Chandler Unified School District did not immediately respond to Fox News’ request for comment. However, the Daily Wire reported spokesman Terry Locke said the event is outdoors and masks will be required.


The same school board that is sponsoring the retirement party has reportedly also canceled the district’s high school prom and limited guests for the graduation ceremony.

"We want to be a team with our school district. We want to be a team with the people who we trust, who watch out for our kids' best interest," Alvey said on Sunday.  

She then noted that "as we have gone, especially through the last year and looked at a lot of the decision making that's come down, none of it has been with reference to what is best for the kids, for their growth, for their development, for their emotional, physical well-being."


"It has very much been an entirely different conversation than anything you would expect from an industry that's in charge of educating and supporting our children into adulthood," Alvey continued.