Atlanta cops release sketch of home invasion suspect seen with high-powered rifle

Police in Atlanta Tuesday released a sketch of the man they said was responsible for a string of home invasions -- including one where he was caught on a nanny camera burglarizing a home while carrying a high-powered rifle, reported.

Barbara Lyles-Anderson told the station that the man seen in the nanny cam video had broken into her house one hour earlier.

Lyles-Anderson was in her room when the man walked in. At first, she thought it was maybe the exterminator.

"I got up from the bed and walked over to him to see what I could do for him and he said 'lie down on the bed and put your face in the pillow,'" she told the station. "I thought he was going to rape me because I'm in my nightgown and he says lay down on the bed, face the pillow."

Investigators released this sketch of the suspect.

Investigators released this sketch of the suspect. (Atlanta Police Dept.)

Just like the man seen on the nanny cam, the suspect also had a high powered weapon with him.

Lyles-Anderson said she could hear him rummaging through her house. Meanwhile, she managed to get 911 on the phone, but a few minutes later, he was gone. Police said it appeared he left her home and headed straight to another house.

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