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A scathing New York Times article about Amazon's work environment spurred founder and CEO Jeff Bezos to defend Amazon's corporate culture and open the lines of communication with the e-commerce giant's staff.

Uber faces more legal troubles after a California prosecutor expands a consumer-protection lawsuit against the ride-hailing company for allegedly failing to conduct adequate background checks on drivers, claiming that convicted criminals, including registered sex offenders, passed Uber's screening process. The San Francisco-based company defends its practices saying they are better than the ones the industry currently uses. Meanwhile, the embattled tech firm won a racketeering lawsuit in Connecticut. A group of taxi and limo services in the state accused Uber of preying " parasitically on established taxicab and livery services."

In other news: a 3-D printed drone was launched from a warship. A team of engineers from the University of Southampton in England catapulted the unmanned aircraft from a Royal Navy ship to test whether the lightweight drones could replace heavy machinery for naval purposes. And speaking of heavy machinery, your childhood dreams of giant fighting robots is one step closer to becoming a reality.

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