Airmen play 'Hungry Hippos' for team-building experience

Airmen at Travis Air Force Base in California are playing life-size games of Hungry Hungry Hippos for training.

The 60th Air Mobility Wing public affairs office posted seven photos of members of the Air Force playing the children’s game last week.

“Airmen launch into a life-size version of ‘Hungry Hungry Hippos’ as part of a team building experience during Wingman Day activities,” a caption reads. “The Wingman Day program provides training, and hands-on participation exercises for Airmen and frontline supervisors to enhance their ability to recognize and effectively intervene with other Airmen in distress, utilizing the PRESS (Prepare, Recognize, Engage, Send, and Sustain) model.”

Wingman Days in the past have included team 5K runs, where airmen are tied together during the race.

“This quarterly event places emphasis on what it means to be a wingman for one another and to build camaraderie among Airmen,” a 2013 news release of the activities said.

“Wingman day truly is about watching out for the ones around you,” said Master Sgt. Scott Moore. “We are using team-related fitness events to foster teamwork while having fun at the same time.”

Workers at the Veterans Affairs administration came under fire last year when a video emerged of them playing a life-size version of “Hungry Hungry Hippos” that lasted most of the work day on the taxpayer’s dime.

Request for comment from Travis Air Force Base was not returned.

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