Wild boar charging out of the ocean panics beachgoers in Poland

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When pigs fly?

More like when pigs swim.

A group of travelers in Karwia, a seaside town in northern Poland, received an unwelcome guest while enjoying a day at the beach.

A video uploaded to YouTube Sunday shows a wild boar swimming in the Baltic Sea. As the animal wades closer to shore, it charges at sunbathers and other people playing in the sand.

Men, women, and children can be heard screaming in the background as the boar runs around the beach.

The boar manages to run directly over two people seeking cover behind a windscreen and appears to terrify everyone in its path. A group of men eventually manage to herd to boar into the forested area beyond the sand.

Three beachgoers were treated at the scene for minor leg injuries from the boar's tusks.

Pigs can swim but sightings in Karwia are rare, accoring to the Mirror.

If you really want to go hog wild in the ocean, head to Big Major Cay in the Bahaman island of Exuma which is known for its many bathing boars.