Want to be a mermaid? There's a class for that

A new school in Los Angeles promises to take students on an deep-water odyssey straight out the classic Disney movie by giving lessons in how to don a tail and move beneath the waves just like the film’s heroine, Ariel.

For just $40 a class, the ­“finstructors” at The Los Angeles Mermaid School will teach the “fin-tastic tricks” of the trade to mermaid wannabes.

“People who want to try something new, exciting or just live out their childhood fantasies want to try out our classes,” said school employee Virginia Hopkins, according to the Caters News Agency.

The Mermaiding 101 course “does not require any prior mermaid or merman experience,” Hopkins said.

Aspiring merpersons learn how to splash around in a pool in their tails. Kids as young as 8 can do it, although the school says students must already be strong swimmers when they sign up.

After getting their Mermaid 101 certificates, students head to Mermaiding 102, where they learn things such as “advanced buoyancy control.” They can even buy their own tails for $125. All this takes place in a pool at the school’s Simi Valley location.

School officials said many students are “women between the ages of 24-36 who grew up with Disney’s The Little Mermaid.”

This story originally appeared on NYPost.com.