United Airlines flight attendant tracks down mom who forgot breast milk

A United flight attendant gave one woman what she’s calling a “Mother’s Day miracle” after he found her breast milk she forgot on the plane and tracked her down to hand deliver it.

Rachel Braverman was returning from vacation at Disney World with her husband and three of her four children when she forgot the precious cargo.

The family had left their 4-month-old son Brent at home in New Jersey and Braverman had pumped about 100 ounces of breast milk to give to him when she got back. When she went to put it in the fridge Sunday after they got home from the airport, she realized she’d left it under her seat on the plane.


“I just started crying. I was exhausted, and it’s frustrating,” Braverman told People. “You spend so much time and effort pumping in the five spare minutes you have a day, and it was a lot of milk!”

Friends suggested she contact United, but Braverman didn’t think she’d ever get the milk back. Then later that day, her husband received a text message from Jeff Nowotny, a United flight attendant who got on board after the Bravermans' flight, saying he had found her breast milk and kept it on ice.

When she spoke to Nowotny on the phone, Braverman said she couldn’t believe what he had done. “I was overwhelmed to hear how much he cared about its worth. I was a perfect stranger. Not even a passenger he had met on board,” she told Fox News.

Nowotny told Braverman he was in Miami but would be flying back to Newark late that evening and offered to bring the milk to her home in northern New Jersey.

"It's Mother's Day and I know how important this stuff is. Don't even worry about it," Braverman said Nowotny told her.


Braverman was so moved by Nowotny’s kind act, she made sure to let United know about his excellent customer service. She also shared the story on Facebook. “To Jeffrey Nowotny, the United flight attendant who has yet to meet me, but found my bag full of breast milk on a plane yesterday, kept it on ice all afternoon, tracked me down, and HAND DELIVERED it to my house after midnight last night...you are one of a kind! That is above and beyond customer service, that is just an act of kindness. Thank you for my Mother’s Day miracle,” she wrote.

A spokesperson for United told Fox News, “This is great, to see our employees being recognized for their care for our customers.”

Braverman and Nowotny have stayed in touch and Braverman says she now considers him a friend.