Tour Company Returns to Egypt

The revolution in Egypt has just happened, but already a well-established tour packager for Egyptian vacations, Florida-based Sunny Land Tours, is sending customers back to the country on regular package itineraries.

The thought of visiting the scene of recent headlines wont appeal to everyone, though, so the company has halved the regular price of its trips to induce business. What cost $2,598 two months ago is now being sold for $1,299 including hotels, meals, and airfare from the United States. That's the equivalent of spending just $162 a night, before taxes, and it's the lowest price travelers are likely to see to Egypt for years to come.

Sunny Land Travel's tour, called the Grand Nile Cruise, spends only one out of eight touring days in Cairo itself. Most of the trip is occupied by a seven-night cruise up the Nile to Luxor, which has been a popular tourist activity in Egypt for well over a century. Other companies have told AOL Travel News that they don't intend to return to the north African country until the fall.

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