The perfect American summer costs $45K, says Groupon

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Summer isn’t complete without a trip to the beach, a dip in the local pool and a few backyard barbecues with friends and family.

But these quaint summer pasttimes don’t necessarily come cheap.

According to a survey conducted by deal site Groupon, the “perfect summer” will cost Americans almost $45,000.

According to Groupon, the “ultimate summer” includes six cookouts, several restaurant dinners, five movie and beach outings and two overseas trips—all of which were found to cost a family of four $43,154.

Among survey respondents, going to the beach was ranked as the top family activity, followed by a trip to an amusement or water park. Backyard barbecues came in third. According to the poll, most vacation destinations are between four and five hours away from home by car meaning the average family will travel nearly 600 miles together over the next three months.

(Courtesy Groupon)

Most respondents– 85 percent –said they seek out vacation activities within their home state, with parents in the West most likely to take their children overseas. Those in the Midwest were least inclined to do so. Hawaii and Disney World were the top summer dream destinations within the country.

When it comes to favoured destinations outside the U.S., the Bahamas and Australia came out on top.

Despite expressing enthusiasm for summer travel, 57 percent of parent respondents said they have nothing fun or exciting planned for the family this summer. Bummer. Sorry kids.

Groupon conducted the survey to raise awareness about the local deals the company offers so families know they can still have a good time without spending a fortune. And if you do want to get away, the site may not offer any coupons for Disney parks—or deep discounts on flights Down Under—but a quick search for hotels in Orlando revealed savings up to 50 percent off hotels located just a few miles from popular theme park properties like Walt Disney World and Universal Orlando.

Top ranked summer activities

1. Beach
2. Water parkAamusement park
3. Barbecue party 
4. Out of state visit
5. Movie outing
6. Road trip
7. Hotel stay
8. Camping
9. National monument visit
10. Fishing

America’s top 10 dream summer destinations

1. Hawaii
2. Walt Disney World
3. Bahamas
4. Australia
5. Washington, DC
6. Miami
7. New York City
8. Virginia Beach
9. Canada
10. Japan