Now you can live at Disney World for just $2 million

Disney World is in the habit of granting dreams, so news of where some people now live makes perfect sense.

But first we like to ask what was your one great childhood wish? Yes, being an actual member of Voltron would have been nice.

But chances are great that right up there would be to live at Disney World, soaking up all the frivolity via proximity.

The new neighborhoods are just a few miles from Disney World's major parks.

The new neighborhoods are just a few miles from Disney World's major parks. (Disney Golden Oaks)

People Magazine reports that this very experience will be a reality for a select group of people who will soon own property on, well, Disney property.

Head on over to Golden Oak’s website and live vicariously through the shoes of people who are both timely with their property acquisitions and also have the kind of money that makes an investment starting at $2 million sound like a nifty idea.

As for the details, there will be four neighborhoods on Disney World property (two of which have already been gobbled up by newly minted Disney homeowners) and a set of residences at the Four Seasons Orlando.

However, if you are fortunate enough to buy you then have to wait patiently until you can somehow work into a conversation the topic of where you live.

Now staying at Disney World offers more than just a cool factor you can flaunt. Golden Oak provides a wealth of detail on what the future homeowners will enjoy.

The treasure trove of amenities includes complimentary park transportation to one of the four theme parks, option to become a member of the nearby Tranquilo Golf Club, access to the Four Seasons Resort and its complement of restaurants and activities.

Essentially, you are embedded into the most famed theme park in the world, enjoying the kind of attractions that you would think would be commensurate with the brand.

One adorable touch are the character statues that are promised to pepper the area, which will always remind you that you live in the heart of Disney.

Like you would ever dare forget that fact.

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