'Life of Pi' inspires tourism campaign to India

The "Life of Pi" has inspired a visit to the "Land of Pi."

India's tourism ministry is hoping to capitalize of the success of the film, with its 11 Oscar nominations, with a new campaign aimed at luring people to Puducherry and Munnar, two cities in which "Life of Pi" was filmed, reports the Times of India.

The film, directed by Taiwan-born Ang Lee, is about a 16 year-old Indian boy's on his way to America aboard a freighter and ends in a shipwreck in the Pacific with only a tiger for company, and features stunning scenery from of state of Kerla's southern cities.

The campaign will include bus tours between Puducherry, and Kochi and walking trails at the two destinations. Also short films on the tourist attractions in which have been depicted in the film have been created and being put on YouTube and other social media networks.

Lee and Yann Martel, author of the book Life of Pi, which the movie is based on, have already received a special National Tourism Awards for helping to promote India with the film.

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