Former Hotwire employees launch travel site to take guesswork out of group trips

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It can be fun to book a vacation with friends. But it can also turn into a process, with lots of back and forth about price point, location and more.

A new travel site aims to streamline the planning process by giving everyone involved a say in where you stay.

ShareTrips allows users to share their screen with their friends, so everyone sees the same results and can collaborate on picking the right hotel. The site was launched by several Hotwire employees who said they were always stuck booking trips for their friends.

Fox News' Ashley Dvorkin spoke to former president Clem Bason, who is involved in ShareTrips. Bason explained how it works:

"You are planning a trip with friends or family and you share a code," Bason said. "Once they kind of plug into the site with their unique code, and you using yours, you can share the screen together. So each of you gets a mouse, you'll see their mouse kind of ghosted on the screen, and you'll be there. Then, we also have voice and video chat."

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Bason says ShareTrips takes the guesswork out of booking and let's you make decisions as a group. It also addresses the issue of hotel prices rapidly changing.

"From my Hotwire days, I just know how often that happens, where you finally got it but you just have to check with that one last person and in the meantime, you know, while you're waiting for that e-mail to come back saying , 'yes,' literally the price will change," Bason said. "ShareTrips really addresses that. You can be there together and when you finally make that decision, you click book and you're done."

Watch the video above to find out more about ShareTrips.