First trekking trail to open in Chile's Tierra del Fuego

Thanks a new investment in ecotourism, visitors will now be able to see Tierra del Fuego like never before.

On Thursday, the Wildlife Conservation Society (WCS) announced the opening of a new trekking trail that will run from the mountains to the coast of Karukinka, a protected park area on the chain of islands along Tierra del Fuego in Chile.


The Karukinka trail will be the first tourist destination constructed on the pristine archipelago of Tierra del Fuego-Chile. Virtually untouched by the human footprint, Karukinka is one of six tourism targets to be developed by the Chilean Government. The trail, which will be completed in December, will bring tourists to the park’s coastline, home to seabirds, penguins, and elephant seals.

“Karukinka offers the people of Chile and the world unparalleled opportunities to understand nature,” said WCS President and CEO Dr. Steven Sanderson. “Few places on Earth allow humans to feel completely enveloped by wild nature. We are hopeful that Karukinka can become the next great ecotourism destination in Latin America.”

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Today, Karukinka is a well-known destination for local people, especially from Tierra del Fuego, scientists and students from different Chilean universities. Chile's goal is to expand access to the island in order to attract ecotourism to the area.

“With the opening of this trail," said Dr. Bárbara Saavedra, WCS Chile Director and President of the Ecological Society of Chile. "WCS is materializing Chile’s interest to increase visitors based on nature, conservation and wildlife in the region."