Most innovative carry-ons

Between changing overhead bin sizes and confusing airline carry-on regulations, picking the right luggage has never been more important. The Travel Goods Association recently held its annual industry showcase profiling some of the most innovative carry-ons out there. The highlights: bags that compress your clothes.   



    Biaggi Contempo Biaggi is a new company that features four wheeled luggage that is more lightweight and convenient for travelers. Their Contempo style has sophisticated nylon fabric, a jewel toned color palette and coordinating zippers creating a monochromatic fashion statement. It also features handy handles and interior mesh organization pockets and snap straps. It’s 20 inches and weighs 7.3lbs. It will be released this year. Cost: $219


    Trunk & Trolley Road Warrior This bag won the Travel Goods Associations Product Innovation Award. It’s aimed at professional travelers, and features signature Micro Pop technology, which allows the upright and wheeled duffle to collapse quickly and easily. To collapse the bags, users simply open the bag and pull the molded red ripcords. With one quick pull from the outside handles, it automatically locks back into the extended position. Even collapsed, the product is clean in appearance. The sides and handles smartly fold inward. Cost: $550.00.


    Samsonite Compressor This is also a good choice for tight packing. The bags have an internal ratchet system that helps compress down the suitcase after packing.  Its ballistic nylon made from high-tenacity fiber creates durability and is woven for even more strength. Size: 21 inches Cost: Manufacturer price $600 Average customer rating: 4 out of 5 stars


    Briggs & Riley’s Domestic Carry-On Expandable Upright This features a revolutionary CX expansion system is fully adjustable, allowing travelers to customize each individual trip to meet different needs. The bag expands up to 24 percent of its original size, allowing room for more contents and longer trips. Once the bag is closed, you can press down lightly on the lid to make the bag compress back to its original size. The helps ensuring easier overhead storage on flights and no checked baggage fees for shorter trips.  Cost: $449.00.  


    It Luggage USA This is being called "The World's Lightest Carry On." It comes in a variety of colors and patterns. It's 19 inches and weighs 3.7 pounds.  The corner mounted wheels are connected directly to the frame to make maneuvering the case easier and more stable. The collection is minimalist in design with a handle connecting to the corners, leaving the bed of the case completely flat for wrinkle free packing.  Cost: $116.00.
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