Everyone is freaking out over this travel jacket on Kickstarter

A new travel jacket dubbed the "Swiss Army Jacket" that purports to be the “The World’s Best” is causing a sensation online.

Created by company BauBax, the all-in-one travel accessory has received over $3 million in funds on Kickstarter since its launch in early July—and it still has 36 days left to raise more money. The jacket recently made history as the crowd-sourcing site’s most funded clothing project.

The jacket will be available in four style but each has the same built in tools.

The jacket will be available in four style but each has the same built in tools. (BauBax)

Squeezing personal items into your your bag or carry-on has become an increasingly difficult amid rising baggage fees. But this relatively simple looking hoodie boasts 15 features for the traveler who wants everything right at his or her fingertips:

-- Neck pillow

-- Eye mask

-- Earphone holders

-- Drink pocket

-- Phone pocket

-- Zipper pocket with telescoping pen/stylus

-- Microfiber cloth

-- Passport pocket

-- Sunglasses pocket

-- Blanket pocket (mini-blanket sold separately)

-- iPad pocket

-- Gloves

-- Hand-warming pockets

-- Portable charger pocket

The convenience of wearing your essentials sounds like a plus, but we think that piling it on can get a little comfortable or even dangerous, as one boy band musician found out when he put on 12 layers of clothes and later passed out to avoid paying a bag fee.

Expected to ship as early as November (just in time for the holiday shopping season), the jacket will sell for $109 and comes in four styles (sweatshirt, windbreaker, bomber jacket and blazer) and multiple colors.

Though the seven-figure backing speaks for itself, those excited about the project are already expressing their delight on social media.

And while $3 million is an impressive number, the “World’s Best Travel Jacket” still has a long way to go if its founders want to surpass the current record holder for the most funded Kickstarter of all time: the Pebble Time smartwatch which brought in a record $20 million.