Daring wingsuit jumper flies over active volcano

Jumping out of an airplane 15,000 ft. above a volcano is just another day for 35-year-old Roberta Mancino.

“It wasn’t the most difficult jump I’ve done in a wingsuit,” Mancino told Barcroft Media. “But it was definitely intense.”

After seeing fellow wingsuit pilot, Sebastian Alvares, fly over an extinct volcano in Chile, Mancino was inspired to try something similar.

Except she chose Chile’s Villarrica volcano, one of the most active in South America.

“I was afraid my parachute could open at any time and I wouldn’t land where I needed to,” Mancino said.

Despite bad weather and the fear that the volcano could erupt at any moment, Mancino landed effortlessly at the foot of the volcano.

This story originally appeared on NYPost.com.