Channel your inner mermaid with new underwater room

If you ever wanted to sleep with the fish without getting wet –here’s your chance.

The upscale Mantra Resort on Pemba Island --part of Africa’s Zanzibar archipelago-- has a ridiculously cool new feature that lets guests book a private floating suite that’s submerged 13 feet below the Indian Ocean.

The three-story floating island, about a half mile off shore, has a top deck is designed for stargazing and sunbathing, a lower deck for dining and hanging out, and private bedroom down below.  The spacious room has windows all around to allow for optimal marine life watching, and at night residents can shine the spotlight on the sea creatures for a different view.

The room was designed by Swedish company Genberg Underwater Hotels -- which was behind The Utter Inn, a underwater room in a Swedish lake near Stockholm.

While underwater hotels aren’t new, all sorts of resorts in wacky places --such as in the tree tops, enclosed in plastic bubbles, and built deep down in old mines --are on the rise.

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The Underwater Room opened for business this month and costs between $900-$1500 a night depending on single or double occupancy.