Airbnb's 'Acceptance Ring' the new Livestrong wristband?

Airbnb, upset over marriage inequality in Australia, is trotting out an awareness wearable.

The hospitality service has launched a new ad campaign in Australia asking residents to wear Airbnb’s specially designed Acceptance Rings to show support for same-sex marriage there.

“Openness and belonging are at the heart of Airbnb — it’s at the core of what we do every day," said the company in a statement obtained by Fox News. "We are committed to helping people belong no matter where they are in the world and strongly believe that everyone should have the right to marry the person they love.”

The rings themselves were designed by Marc Newson, who helped design the Apple Watch, and were purposely created to look broken, or incomplete, as a way to symbolize “the gap in marriage equality.” Each ring also bears an inscription reading “Until we all belong,” a phrase which also serves as one of the campaign’s catchphrases.


Airbnb’s Acceptance Rings are somewhat reminiscent of the Livestrong wristbands that were associated with Lance Armstrong’s cancer foundation. However, unlike Livestrong’s yellow wristbands, Airbnb’s rings are only raising awareness, and not money: According to Business Insider, Airbnb is providing the rings free of charge, although eBay currently appears to be charging AU$3.50 for the item.

The company is also supporting the campaign with a 60-second video which features several Australian citizens pledging to wear the Acceptance Rings.

“The ring itself is very symbolic to me, because it shows that there’s something missing,” said one man appearing in the ad.

“I think that disconnect … is kinda how we might view ourselves, as well, from the community,” added another man.

Airbnb CEO Brian Chesky also stated that the company’s rings weren’t solely designed to be worn by the LGBTQI (lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, questioning and intersex) community, but by anyone who champions acceptance.

"This is an opportunity for people to show their support for marriage equality — not just those within the LGBTQI+ community, but for anyone to make their support for a brother, sister, parent, friend or loved one known,” stated Chesky, reports Business Insider.


The company launched their new initiative with support from businesses such as Qantas and eBay Australia, and in collaboration with the Equality Campaign, a national movement that aims to “win marriage for all Australians,” reports

A representative for Airbnb was not immediately available to comment.