Architects in South Korea are going to need one big invisibility cloak. Seoul will soon add a 1,476-foot tower to its skyline, you just may not be able to see it.

The international architectural firm GDS Architect received the green light to begin building the "world's first invisible tower."

The glass-encased Tower Infinity will use cameras to snap real-time pictures of the area directly behind the building and project them back onto the building's reflective surface. This will create the illusion that viewers are looking straight through the building.

"We are pleased that Tower Infinity will boast the third highest observation deck in the world and will become the world’s first 'invisible tower' through the use of a sophisticated LED facade system with optical cameras," Director at GDS Michael Collins said in a press release.

Besides being 'invisible,' the building will feature a 4D theater, a water park, roller coaster and landscape gardens. GDS has not yet announced a completion date.

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