Bond-worthy high-tech spy gear

Whether you're a secret agent-in-training or simply looking to expand your collection of spy gadgets, check out these Bond-worthy, high-tech spy gear. And for tons of other great tech toys, visit



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    <b>Spy Hawk</b>

    Run drone reconnaissance on your own neighborhood with the Spy Hawk (£250; roughly $400). This unique RC glider sports a built-in 5 megapixel camera that streams a live video feed back to the 3.5" LCD on the controller, which also holds an SD card for recording your flights. Of course, all of that isn't much good if you can't keep the thing in the air, which is where the intelligent autopilot comes in — fly it up to the required height, switch it one, and a built-in gyroscope will work to keep it level, even in gusty winds. Or you could just tie your iPhone to a balloon and pray — totally up to you.


    Sure, your smartphone has the ability to record voice memos, but using it means you have to know ahead of time about something you'll want recorded. Kapture ($75 and up) is different. It's an always-on audio-recording wristband so any time you feel the need to capture the last 60 seconds of audio, all you have to do it tap it, and it instantly saves. And, with the included smartphone app, you can store, edit, share, and replay your old audio clips for as long as you want. Choose from a range of colors to customize the strap and grill of your Kapture, including black, white, yellow, sea foam, and orange.

    <b>Spyder Ii Gx Laser</b>

    You know you're dealing with a dangerous toy when you see the words, "world's most powerful handheld laser." The Spyder II GX Laser ($1,700) is a military-grade handheld laser that's sort of a like a laser pointer, only much, much awesomer. Sporting a lightweight 6061-T6 aerospace aluminum shell and powered by a single 18650 high capacity lithium battery, the Spyder is airtight and water resistant, and is the first portable laser equipped with thermoelectric cooling, letting you use the thing for more than two minutes without it getting hand-burning hot. So what's it good for? If you have to ask, then you shouldn't be buying it, kid. As you'll see in our first-ever Uncrate video, this thing was designed for those of us who aspire to wreak havoc on the world.

    <b>Squirrel Wingsuits</b>

    You know that dream where you're flying across the sky, soaring effortlessly without the aid of a vehicle? Fortunately, it doesn't have to be a dream, thanks to Squirrel Wingsuits ($1,650 and up), and a (possibly-unhealthy) dose of courage. They offer several suits, the swift, called a beginner suit, the aura, a more balanced suit, and the colugo, made for pilots of intermediate to expert ability. Each suit is completely customizable, so you can build it to match your tastes, and based on years of research and experience in wingsuit base jumping.

    <b>Button Spy Camera</b>

    Need to record an interview, event, or meeting without anyone knowing? Stow this Button Spy Camera ($50) behind your shirt. Designed to stick through a button hole with the main electronics remaining hidden, this miniature camera takes 480p video and can snap p1280x1024 JPEG stills, all of which it records to 4GB of built-in flash memory. Sure, the specs are nothing mind-blowing, but to be able to gather intel without being caught, it's not bad. Just don't forget to wear something with black buttons we have a feeling it might not work so well otherwise.

    <b>Spy Gear Lazer Tripwire</b>

    When you have something valuable to protect in your home, only the best security will do that's why you need the Spy Gear Lazer Tripwire ($25). It uses invisible LED beams projected from three units, so you can form a perimeter that even Catherine Zeta-Jones can't dip beneath. When an intruder breaks the beam, the receiver unit alerts you with an alarm, so you can quickly assess the situation and respond appropriately.
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    <b>Victorinox Cybertool Lite Multi-tool</b>

    Let's face it, most of us don't spend much time during the week out in the wilderness making that serrated saw blade on your pocketknife pretty useless. The Victorinox Cybertool Lite Multi-Tool ($115) is intended more for the kind of guy who sees more keyboards than leaves day-to-day. With tools like multiple screwdrivers (including a mini flathead), a wire stripper, cutter, and crimper, hex sockets, a ballpoint pen, and a white LED flashlight, you're bound to find plenty of uses for this handy knife. And for the off-hours, it also includes a cork screw and a bottle opener (perhaps the most useful tools of all).

    <b>Nano Air Vehicle</b>

    Like most DARPA-sponsored projects, the Nano Air Vehicle ($TBA) isn't the easiest item to describe. Under development by AV, it's designed to be used in urban surveillance and reconnaissance missions, mimicking the biology of a hummingbird to achieve impressive statistics such as a hover endurance of eight minutes with no external power source, the ability to fly indoors and out, transitioning easily between the two, the ability to be controlled using nothing but the live video stream from the aircraft, and the ability to fly in windy conditions. Oh, and it looks a lot like a real hummingbird you know, just in case the whole "robot animals spying on you" bit wasn't creepy enough.

    <b>Secret Passageway Switch</b>

    Nearly as important as selecting the right room in which to put your secret passageway is selecting the method by which you'll access it. This Secret Passageway Switch ($50) is a fine choice, using one of your own books as the activator. Of course, you can also use it for more mundane purposes like turning on a lamp but where's the fun in that?
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    <b>Secret Message Cuff Links</b>

     Looking in every way like normal stainless-steel cufflinks with stud backings, the Secret Message Cuff Links ($50) unscrew to reveal tiny scrolls of paper containing pre-printed sayings from the likes of Lao Tzu and Gandhi. Two blank scrolls are included so you can create and hide your own private notes. Also great for Pixy Stix usage in the corporate environment.

    <b>Secret Contacts</b>

    Whether you're pulling double-agent duty or simply trying to keep the identity of your "hoes in different area codes" away from prying eyes, Secret Contacts ($2) can help. Masquerading as an innocuous tip calculator on your iPhone's home screen, this little black book shows its true colors when you enter a secret bill amount into the calculator. Just make sure your significant other isn't an Uncrate reader, in which case this won't be nearly as sneaky as you think.
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    <b>Woodfold Bookcase Doors</b>

    Most secret rooms need to be designed into your house way before it's built, but these Woodfold Bookcase Doors ($TBA) change all that. Ready to install on either 54 or 66-inch wide openings, the bookcases offer two fixed shelves at the middle and bottom, with four more adjustable shelves for personalization. In addition, the doors use a heavy-duty steel roller system and a piano-hinge running the entire length of the door to ensure quality over the years. Secret passageways aren't just for superheroes anymore.

    <b>Sigmo Voice Translation Device</b>

    If you've spent any amount of time traveling abroad, you've likely run into a language barrier, making it hard to get the most out of your trip. With the Sigmo Voice Translation Device ($50) you can avoid those issues, without resorting to learning a new language. This device connects to your iOS or Android device over Bluetooth and, using existing services, translates your voice into one of 25 different languages. Just speak into the microphone and it will translate everything you say, playing it back over the speaker. It's small and light, so you can bring it anywhere, attach it to your clothes, or hang it around your neck.


    See who's ringing your doorbell without even leaving the couch or from miles away with the iDoorCam ($130). This easy-to-install device connects to your existing doorbell wiring using only a screwdriver in just a couple of minutes. It's WiFi-enabled, and contains a button, day- and night-vision camera, microphone, speaker, and motion sensor, letting you see and communicate with whoever rings your door. It pairs with an included iOS app, letting you monitor your door from inside your home, at the office, or away on vacation, so you can choose whether to interact, or just let it ring.

    <b>Smartphone Spy Lens</b>

    If you want to discreetly take a photo with your phone, the Smartphone Spy Lens ($20) will help boost your espionage-cred immediately. This somewhat-creepy, periscope-like device attaches to the camera on your smartphone thanks to an included magnetic ring. Internal mirrors let you snap shots at a 90-degree angle, so no-one around you will know what you're taking a picture of.
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