Google Glass makes a futuristic fashion statement in 'Vogue'

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It's a window onto Glass.

It's not just techno-savvy teens that are excited for smartwatches and Google Glass-like gadgets to hit the market. Fashion bible "Vogue" has just published a 12-page spread in their latest Fall Fashion issue featuring the futuristic gadgets.

With images that are color drenched and retro-futuristic, the images conjure up Jetsons-era visions of the future. But this is no vision: Glass is very much real. And it's hardly alone.

Apple, Samsung, Sony and most other tech giants are all making high-tech devices you can wear, products to be thought of as not only a gadget but as a fashion statement. Indeed, Apple recently hired Jay Blahnik, the brain behind Nike's FuelBand initiative and Paul Deneve, a top Yves Saint Laurent executive to run "special projects."

There are also rumors of a gold iPhone as well as a new bold color palette for Apple products. It seems today's tech giants are as concerned with the design of the gear as with the hardware.

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Glass is expected to be available for public purchase in early 2014. Perhaps Vogue's photo shoot will help give Glass a seal of approval in the fashion world.