vjay for iPad Lets You Practice Being a Pro Video Jockey

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Have you ever had aspirations to be a professional video jockey? Now you can come close to achieving that dream with vjay, the first-ever music video mixing app for the iPad. Representatives from Algoriddim, makers of the popular djay app, came over to the LAPTOP Magazine offices last week to show off their second-ever product, and it was just as slick, impressive and (for lack of a better descriptor) cool as djay -- possibly even better.

Karim Morsy, CEO of Algoriddim, walked us through the features of the product during his visit. Vjay actually integrates directly with your iPad's media library, allowing users to utilize videos, music and music videos and mash them up into an audio-visual spectacle that's fully touch-friendly and interactive. It even integrates with the iTunes Store so you can preview and purchase artist music videos directly within the app. The UI is quite similar to djay, except this time instead of turntables, you get a couple of placeholders where you can pipe in two videos (or audio tracks) of your choice.

Once you've selected your media, you can use the intuitive user interface to manipulate the video, adding real time transitions, audio effects, looping, and even the good ol' scratching that was such a hit in djay. The app also features built-in camera integration, one-touch recording and sharing, and support for external displays (via HDMI and AirPlay).

The app is available right now for $9.99 from the iTunes Store.