Twitter Updates its User Profiles While iPad App Gets Major Overhaul

Twitter CEO Dick Costolo went on the TODAY show this morning and revealed a new look for Twitter's profile pages and some impressive tweaks to its iPad app. Twitter users now can add a large header picture --reminiscent of the Facebook Timeline photo --  in addition to their icons.

If you sign into Twitter via a web browser, your page will not look any different until you update the header photo. To do that, just go into 'settings' and click on 'design' in the options on the left side of the page.

Scroll down to 'Customize your own' -- under the 'premade theme' section and click on the 'Change header' drop down to either choose an existing image from your computer or to remove the header image.

Along with the new profile changes, Twitter also updated its mobile apps but the biggest redesign comes in the form of the iPad Twitter app. After using it for a bit, we'd say that the user experience is not completely different -- which we really like, but each window we navigate to gives us more than it did before.

For instance, clicking on a Tweet still expands the Tweet, but now we get a preview of the included link, the ability to play the video in the Tweet, a preview of a picture and the full title of the attached medium. If the shared link includes a video, Twitter for iPad will pull in that video URL so that it can be viewed right through the tweet (shown in screenshot).

This feature is great for people who share links because instead of taking up characters to write out the title of the linked page or article, users can use that space to add a personal commentary to the Tweet. If the Tweet does not have a link or attachment, you will be able to see all the interactions with that Tweet, including like replies and retweets.

Our favorite part of this revamp is the ability to scroll through users' twit pics in a carousel preview mode instead of having to keep tapping the next arrow and being completely blind to what is coming up next.

Twitter has definitely added some great features into the new iPad app but the fact that it is different without feeling like a whole new app makes this update very user friendly.