The Fitbit Ultra, a high-tech weight loss winner

Want to shed a few pounds and get a better night's sleep? Look no further than the Fitbit Ultra.

The tiny Fitbit device fits on your belt and tracks every step you take, every stair you climb, every chair you sit in, total calories burned, and even studies how often you toss and turn while sleeping. I've been testing the new Fitbit Ultra for a few months now and I'm more cognizant of my overall health.

Set up is a snap. Plug in the base station to your computer and software guides you through the process. Type in your current weight, age, and goals. Like how much weight you'd like to lose and Fitbit tells you how many steps you need to take each day. I started out with the goal of hitting 10,000 steps per day. And you'll be surprised how much more you're walking just to reach your goal.

It's easy to use. Pressing the little button atop the two inch device lets you see the number of steps you've taken, how many calories burned, stairs climbed, and so on. A little flower picture appears and if the flower is tall then you've been active and if it's small then you've been a couch potato so you'd better get up and start walking.

The battery lasts for days with out a recharge. To sync your data with the Fitbit website just walk within 15 feet of your base station. There's even an iPhone and Android app to check your progress. When you've reached certain goals, Fitbit will send you an email saying things like "Congrats, you've walked 250 miles this month!"

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The Fitbit is the best fitness tracking device I've tested -- and for less than a hundred bucks it's the right price too. So get out there and use some technology to help you shed a few pounds.

Clayton Morris is a Fox and Friends host. Follow Clayton's adventures online on Twitter @ClaytonMorris and by reading his daily updates at his blog.