Texas Instruments Unleashes Dual-Core OMAP 5 Power at Mobile World Congress

Texas Instruments held a mighty small press conference for what it described as rather groundbreaking developments. From a mini-stage at the TI Booth, manager of wireless business Greg Delagi explained the advantages of the company's OMAP 5 processor. Among the benefits: 4x the graphics performance of the competition, and the ability to lower power consumption 10 times over.

There was also plenty of talk of just what makes up the long-awaited OMAP 5, but what do technical explanations matter when there's a booth full of hardware demoing this processor's power. Delagi was quick to nip in the bud the notion that quad-core is better, telling us that more cores doesn't mean more power. To prove it, he showed how much faster the OMAP 5 processed HTML5 pages than a quad-core ARM Cortex A9 CPU: 95 seconds for the OMAP 5 versus 200-plus for the A9.

And Texas Instruments has new design wins, to boot. Texas Instruments is partnering with Harman to bring the OMAP 5 to vehicle command centers, and the company iRobot will use TI's processor for its next generation of robotic products "for vision and analytics."