Have a closet full of clothes you never wear? Make your closet virtual and turn your fashion into profit with the Poshmark app. And if you clear out enough space, use the app to do some shopping, too.

The makers of the Poshmark app hosted a live “Posh Party” in New York City last week, where party goers bought, sold, and traded each other’s style. But thanks to the smartphone, events like this are hardly exclusive -- you can sit at home and still participate.

“You can be in New York City, you can be in Alaska, you can be in Arkansas, or California -- and in fact we have users who will be logging in from all of those places tonight,” Manish Chandra, founder and CEO of Poshmark, told FoxNews.com.

The Poshmark app connects you to the action, turning your home into a selling boutique, Chandra explained. “It’s a fun app to buy and sell fashion, where women shop the closets of other women,” he said.

The fashion app is easy to use; simply create an account or log in through Facebook, then start snapping  pictures of items you want to list for sale. Then simply upload them and add a description.

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You can also browse through other user’s virtual closets through the live feed or look by category. If you have something specific in mind, you can directly search for that item. If you grow to like a certain user’s listings, you can follow them and get alerts to their posts.

Poshmark user Hannah Ouimet says she has benefited greatly from selling items through the app: “I’ve gotten a lot of money back on handbags and other items I have in my closet,” she told FoxNews.com.

As a busy college student, she says Poshmark is the “easiest way to make money from clothes that are just sitting in your closet.”

Ouimet has made a few thousand dollars -- and admits she spent some of those funds on purchases through Poshmark. “How could you resist? It’s so fun,” Ouimet said.

Reunited at the live event, a Poshmark employee recognized the bag Ouimet was carrying. The employee had purchased it from her via the app a few months prior.

Fashion Blogger Christine White of “Court&Hudson” said she was looking for any bright colored items for spring. Her previous purchases through the Poshmark app included a Marc Jacobs houndstooth blazer.

“It’s super easy to use. If you are looking to sell clothing, it’s the way to go,” White said.

Users list a variety of items, from party dresses to statement jewelry and even shoes. “You'd be surprised how many shoes are bought and sold -- they're top selling items,” Chandra said.

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