Kansas trying to unload $10M in computer equipment after abandoning costly tech project

The administration of Kansas Gov. Jeff Colyer is trying to unload $10 million worth of computer equipment by selling it at a steep discount or donating it.

The state still owes $2 million for the equipment, which has been stored in a state office building since 2016. It was intended to be used to develop a centralized storage system called GovCloud.

The project was halted when state technology officials said it would be too expensive. The state now contracts it information storage needs with an outside company.

Sale of the equipment has thus far failed to attract buyers. The Topeka Capital-Journal reported that discussions have been had about finding a buyer before the equipment’s value decreases to the level of scrap metal.

Democratic state Sen. Tom Holland said selling the equipment for less than its value or donating it are fine solutions.

“The point is, equipment after a while just becomes obsolete. If somebody can use it, great. If you can get some money out of it, fine,” Holland said.

The Associated Press contributed to this report.