iOS 6 on iPhone 5: Turn-by-Turn Navigation, Smarter Siri and More

Apple's Scott Forstall took the stage in San Francisco today at the Apple event to talk about the software inside the iPhone 5, and while there weren't a ton of surprises, iPhone fans will love the upgrades. Here are the highlights.

Maps: Flyover iCloud tabs helps you keep your sites in sync across iOS devices.

VIP in mail: Letts you mark important people. You can also easily flag messages, which creates its own folder.

Passbook app: Integrates with the lock screen. So if you get to the airport your boarding pass will automatically appear so you can scan and get on the plane.

Shared photo streams: Makes it easy to share images with friends. Your buddies will receive a push notification. You can also comment on photos and like them. Shared photo streams definitley seems like a mini

Siri: You can ask about scores and NFL standings. You can also launch apps by talking to your phone. Like launch Yahoo Fantasy Football. You can also use Open Table to find and reserve restuarants. Facebook is also integrated into Siri, so you can post updates with your voice.

Phone app: You can send text message back to respond to calls.