Incredibly Lifelike Steve Jobs Action Figure Due in Feb.

Here’s one more thing.

An unauthorized replica of the late Apple founder Steve Jobs is planned by Chinese company InIcons, an eerily lifelike collectible that includes his signature black turtleneck, rimless glasses, and jeans.

The foot-tall action figure will also come with a stool and a backdrop that reads “One More Thing…” -- a reference to the trademark phrase Jobs used to unveil his latest gadget at the carefully orchestrated press events where he debuted the Macintosh computer, the iPhone, the iPad and other "insanely great" products.

The volume of Internet traffic Tuesday morning slowed InIcons’ website to a crawl, proof of continuing public interest in the Silicon Valley inventor. But whether the product will ever see store shelves remains to be seen. Apple’s famously combative lawyers are reportedly aware of the product, according to the Daily Mail, and most take issue with InIcons’ appropriation of Jobs’ likeness.

“Mr. Jobs has not consented to the use of his name and/or image in the product,” Apple lawyers reportedly said.

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InIcons did not immediately respond to requests for more information, nor did it reply to email inquiries.

InIcons has planned an entire suite of gear to go with Jobs action figure; the set will also include two apples, one with a bite out of it and three pairs of hands, reported Digital Trends. A note on the company's website indicates that pictures there are only of a prototype, and the final product's appearance and colors may vary.

And sadly, the pictured miniature Mac, iPhone and iPad won’t come with the figure, the site notes.

The action figure will be available for $99.99, although InIcons has already halted pre-orders for the product, which is set to begin shipping in February.

So what do you think? Heartwarming tribute or merely a tasteless cash-in?