Hands-On with Kindle Fire Update: Sharing, Book Extras, Cloud Storage and More

Good news, Kindle Fire users: There's a new software update available for download, and in addition to faster Wi-Fi rec0nnect (when your Fire is waking from sleep) and "general performance enhancements," version 6.3 brings with it a fair share of new features. Here's a rundown of what's new.


Now, you can share notes and passages from their eBooks without leaving the title they're reading. After you highlight a passage, select Share and users reading the same book will see your note. You can also share your highlighted passages and notes via Facebook and Twitter.

Book Extras

This feature gives eBook readers access to additional content specific to the title they're reading, such as a character list, glossary of terms and information about the author. You can view these extras by tapping the toolbar at the top of the screen.

Amazon Cloud Storage

Users can now store their personal documents in Amazon's very own patch of the cloud, with the option to re-download files via the Documents tab on the Kindle Fire.

Reading View in Amazon Silk

With this update, the Kindle Fire's Silk browser gets a new, streamlined single-screen view for loading content-heavy web pages. Users can activate this feature manually, and when it's in use, the full web page is available in the background so readers can switch between both modes.

New Movie Rentals Policy

Now, whenever you download a movie rental on your Kindle Fire, your rental period won't take effect immediately; it begins when you start watching the movie. Bravo to that.