Google can now 'speak emoji' on Twitter

Wondering where you can get a good burger in your area? Now you can just tweet the burger emoji at Google for an answer.

On Tuesday, Google announced that it can now "speak emoji." To test Google's emoji game, just head over to Twitter and compose a new tweet with the emoji of your choice, followed by "@google," and wait for a reply.

If you send Google a burger emoji, for instance, the search firm will respond with a link to a Google search for "burgers nearby." This way, you can easily browse a list of burger joints you might want to hit up for lunch. If you're not feeling burgers, no sweat: the feature works with a bunch of different food emojis, like ramen, tacos, pizza, and cake.

Or, if you're looking for something else — like shoes, just tweet Google that emoji, and see what happens.

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At this point, Google's emoji lexicon isn't all-encompassing. Try sending the company a heart or Santa emoji, for instance, and it will tell you to try another.

One somewhat surprising emoji Google does speak, however, is poop. Because someone had to do it, one person already sent Google the poop emoji on Twitter, just to see what would happen.

"Need a breath of fresh air?" the company wrote, along with a link to a Google search for "flower shop nearby."

Google also has jokes when it comes to the infamous peach emoji. "Can you handle this?" the Web giant wrote, along with a link to the lyrics for Destiny's Child's Bootylicious.

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