Get schooled: education apps at your fingertips

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We all learn differently, but in this digital day and age, it only makes sense to bring education into the palm of your hand.

Here are a few apps to help students prepare for assessment tests, make sure they are on track at an early age, and connect with teachers, peers, and other resources.

What’s considered the most important make-or-break test that any student will take? The SAT of course. Prepare by diving into test prep with SATLadder. The $2.99 app gets students comfortable with the test format and how questions are phrased. Use this study tool to get detailed answer explanations for every question as well.

Then engage in head-to-head competitions with other users, or go solo. Each round consists of 1 to 3 SAT questions and your mission is to get these questions right as quickly as you possibly can. Then measure how you have improved. The app will give you feedback on areas in need of improvement, so you can go in confident and ready!

Download SATLadder: Apple iTunes.
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    Open Class creates a social learning environment where classmates have every resource at their fingertips including books, assignments, notes, and grades -- all through Google Apps for Education. If your higher learning institution or professor already uses Google Apps for Education, then the OpenClass app is easy to set up with an email address. There are no licensing, hardware or hosting costs.

    The app creates an online learning environment to promote collaboration among peers. With just a click you can message or email professors and classmates and view posts and other activity within the class. Someone else may have the same question as you, so why not post it for all to evaluate? The app gives you that ability -- as well as a way to digitally share notes, research, and study prep questions.

    Your personalized dashboard on the app has all of your resources readily available in just a glance. Access your books, homework, and assignment schedule. You can also directly submit your assignment for grading and see your scores for past exams and work.

    Download OpenClass: Google Marketplace.

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    Boost your child’s confidence and make sure that they are on track at an early age with the help of Qwizful. Within the school system, our kids are required to take assessment and screening tests starting at age 4, before kindergarten. The app offers fun quizzes to get wiz kids ready for these by engaging them with colorful illustrations, dynamic sounds, and humorous characters.

    Cultivate their potential with over 300 multiple choice questions targeting key topics like- analogies, sequencing, pictorial and verbal reasoning, geometry, math, vocabulary, and time telling.

    Download Qwizful: Apple iTunes.

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