Forget the USPS, Ensure Your Letter Gets to Santa With This App

If you are worried that all of the cuts to the U.S. Postal Service will slow delivery of your letter to Santa this year, hope is not lost. There’s a quick solution—download the All I Want From Santa app—and your wish list will instantly make it to the North Pole.

The smartphone app lets kids communicate directly with Santa in just a click. They can create, edit, and update what they want for Christmas--also sending a message to Mom and Dad’s phone to let them know something new was added.

Children can even give priority order to point out what is top of their list for receiving under the tree this year.

The splendor of the season’s magic can be shared with as many children as you like and allows them to send as many letters to Santa as they have in mind.

You can also “Countdown to Christmas Day” using the calendar included in the app available on iTunes, the Android Marketplace, and thru the Amazon AppStore.

After presents are opened, use the “Thank you card” helper feature, to send your appreciation to the gift giver.

Click here to download All I Want From Santa.