Facebook 'Friends' Mock Woman's Suicide Message

A U.K. woman was left to die after posting a suicidal message on Facebook. She was then taunted by her Facebook ‘friends’ who commented on her status.

Simone Back, 42, had 1,048 Facebook “friends,” none of whom came to her rescue or alerted authorities of her suicidal post that read, "Took all my pills be dead soon bye bye everyone."

She posted this message on the social networking site at 10:53 p.m. on Christmas Day and received responses calling her a “liar,” “she OD’s all the time and she lies” and saying the fatal overdose was “her choice,” The Telegraph reports.

Some out-of-town friends did respond wanting to help, requesting her address and telephone number to no avail.

Not one of Back’s friends checked in on her.

Seventeen hours after the Facebook post, her mother, Jennifer Langridge, was alerted to her daughter’s online suicide note. She then immediately called emergency number 999.

Police arrived at Back’s apartment at 4 p.m. on Dec. 26, where they found her body. She was declared dead an hour later.

Facebook says that they have a help center where concerns can be reported to a team of trained professionals.

It is not yet known at what time Back died or whether she could have seen any of the callous messages. Langridge later posted on her daughter’s Facebook page: “My daughter Simone passed away today so please leave her alone now,” The Telegraph reports.

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