Cool site of the week: Swap your cell phone contract

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Cellphone companies often provide some of the worst customer service experiences. Part of that may have to do with the long-term contracts they require you to sign.

They have your money locked up for possibly years at a time and the only way out is a pricey cancellation fee. There's just not enough incentive to keep you happy.

That's why CellSwapper is an intriguing option for cellphone users who want out of their contracts. You post your plan on the site and offer an incentive for somebody to take over your contract. It could be your old phone or a cash offer.

Somebody else gets their name on the contract and you walk away! You can also use CellSwapper to find deals on short-term plans by swapping into a contract.

CellSwapper charges about $20 to post your plan and doesn't provide for shipping and handling of phones. Verizon and AT&T do not allow transfers of a contract with less than 12 or 11 months remaining respectively.

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