Analyst sees flaw in new iPad's battery reading

There is no question that the new iPad battery is bigger and, as a result, can take longer to recharge than its predecessor -- but one analyst says it may take even longer to fully charge than the tablet device indicates.

DisplayMate's Ray Soneira said that the iPad continues to charge well after the battery reading shows 100 percent, according to findings of his study, set to be published Monday.

In follow-up testing, Soneira said that the iPad is only about 90 percent charged when it first indicates it is fully powered-up. The iPad, Soneira said, will run more than an hour longer if left to fully charge.

Regardless of whether the battery recharged to 100 percent, however, AllThingsDigital's Walt Mossberg noted in a separate review that the new iPad delivers on its impressive claim of 10-hour battery life.

Apple representatives were not immediately available for comment.

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