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3 best places to sell your old gadgets

Could that pile of old electronics gadgets cluttering up your office or basement actually be worth some money? To get a sense of the market, I looked up the prices I might get for a used iPhone, iPad, Kindle tablet, and Samsung phone at eight of the bigger buyback services.Three companies stood out in this tryout; the best one for you will depend on what you’re selling, its condition, and a few other factors. As the chart below shows, prices can vary quite a bit. They can also change over time; I checked twice and got different numbers.Amazon: Best for random gadgetsAmazon lets you trade in a wide variety of electronics, including items you won’t find on many other trade-in sites, such as external hard drives, routers, and speakers. You can also sell a laptop, though if it’s older, you won’t get a big check.Gotcha: Once your gadget trade-in is processed, you can’t change your mind.The payoff: An Amazon gift card is deposited to your account after the item is accepted, usually within tw...

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  1. Earnings ahead

    Quantum Networks CEO Ari Zoldan, Mashable’s Lance Ulanoff and Fortune’s Adam Lashinsky on Facebook and Apple earnings.

  2. Apple increases dividend by 8%

    Claman on Call: FBN’s Liz Claman with an after-hours web exclusive on the markets and Apple, Facebook and Qualcomm earnings.

  3. New research shows infants can swipe an iPad

    Is this just the wave of the future?

  4. iPad -addicted kids not developing simple motor skills

    Teachers warn of spending too much time on tablets

  5. 1Q Earnings season not living up to expectations?

    Karsten Advisors CIO Tom Karsten, Frank Capital Partners President Brian Frank and Belus Capital Advisors CEO Brian Sozzi on the state of the markets.

  6. Reaction to protesting of Easter exhibits

    Father Jonathan Morris weighs in

  7. Why buy an Android tablet over Apple’s iPad ?

    So you’re in the market for a tablet and trying to figure out which platform will suit you best? Here are three reasons Android could be for you. (Stay tuned for thr...

  8. Why buy an iPad instead of an Android tablet?

    Apple was first to hit it big with tablets back in 2010, but Android wasn't far behind. Four years later, the company faces more competition from Android tablets tha...

  9. Retailers Push into Crowded Mobile Payment Market

    Big retailers are muscling in on the likes of Visa, MasterCard and Google in a fiercely competitive and growing mobile payment market that promises to cut transactio...

  10. BlackBerry Defeats NXP In Trial Over Patents

    A federal jury in Florida on Monday ruled in favor of Blackberry Ltd (NASDAQ:BBRY) in a lawsuit accusing the company of infringing three patents belonging to Dutch s...

  11. Teen punished for recording alleged bullying wants policy changes, not 'heads to roll'

    The attorney for a Pennsylvania teen convicted of disorderly conduct for videotaping his alleged tormentors harassing him at school says the boy's family will pursue...

  12. Charges against teen punished for recording alleged bullying to be dropped

    A disorderly conduct conviction against a Pennsylvania teen who recorded his alleged tormentors in class will be thrown out later this month, has learned...

  1. Apple shares undervalued?

    Barron’s Senior Editor Jack Hough on Apple’s second-quarter earnings and outlook.

  2. How important is new product development for Apple’s future?

    Laptop Magazine Editor-in-Chief Mark Spoonauer and Avondale Partners research analyst John Bright on Apple’s second-quarter results.

  3. Fight over the future of TV

    R² all-star panel weighs in: ‘MediaBuzz’ host Howard Kurtz, former FCC commish Robert McDowell, serial entrepreneur Scott Kurnit, WSJ tech reporter Doug MacMillan and FBN’s Peter Barnes on the Supreme Court case of the broadcast networks vs. Aereo.

  4. Apple earnings: what to watch for

    FBN’s Liz MacDonald on Wall Street’s expectations for Apple’s 2Q earnings report.

  5. GoGreenRide CEO on eco-friendly private car service

    GoGreenRide CEO Yamandou Alexander on the company and how it competes with other car service companies.

  6. Three Moves For a Sexy Butt

    Fitness expert, Kristin McGee shows us three moves for a sexy butt.

  7. Aereo’s day in court

    Judge Andrew Napolitano on the Aereo Supreme Court case.

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