Amazon launches 'Reload' to give Prime members more cash to spend

If you're an Amazon Prime member keen to get more bang for your buck, there's a new deal you might want to look into.

Launched on Tuesday, Amazon Reload offers you the chance to earn two percent rewards each time you reload your Amazon gift card. OK, you need to jump through a few hoops to make it happen, but if you're a Prime member that buys a lot of stuff from Amazon, it should be worth your time.

To set it up, the ecommerce giant needs your bank account and routing number, and also your debit card details. After that, each time you load up your Amazon gift card balanceusing the debit card, the company will add two percent extra funds. So load it with $100 and you'll get an extra couple of bucks, while $500 will give you an extra $10. Like we said, avid Amazon shoppers could make some decent savings over time.

Amazon says that for most reloads, your funds will be available within just five minutes together with the two percent reward, though it adds that "some reloads may be delayed up to four hours if a closer review is necessary."

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While some Prime members will already be enjoying five percent Amazon Prime rewards via its recently launched Visa credit card, not everyone has or wants such a card, with Reload offering an alternative way to make your funds go further.

Of course, apart from saving itself lots of money with credit card fees and hopefully winning it some new Prime members, Amazon hopes the offer encourages current membersto pump more funds intotheir gift card accounts, which in turn couldprompt a few more online shopping expeditions if there's cash to splash. You can find out all you need to know about Amazon Reload by hitting this page on the company's website.