The world's most expensive golf cart is set to roll out of the Porsche factory in Finland, with a price tag that makes the Boxster look like a steal, it was revealed Friday.

The $52,000 Garia Edition Soleil de Minuit will debut before a crowd of appropriately affluent drivers at the luxury show Top Marques in Monaco on April 15.

The eco-friendly golf buggy features a carbon roof, custom paint, hand-stitched leather seats, and numerous options including a dashboard refrigerator -- to avoid trips back to the clubhouse.

Built with a frame from the same supplier as Aston Martin and a gearbox from Ducati's supplier, the ultra-luxury set of wheels is sure to generate envy on the links, whether or not it keeps the ball out of the sand trap.

However the Garia comes without airbags as standard -- in the event of unforeseen collisions. Golf champions take note.