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Chilling Forecast

How long will U.S. unemployment epidemic continue?

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  1. FOX News Flash: FOX & Friends Edition

    Couples compete in wife-carrying contest in Finland

  2. Film Analyzes Education System Failures

    'Waiting for Superman' attacks teachers, unions for failures

  3. Food Activists Kidnap Ronald McDonald

    Release Al Qaeda-style video

  4. Bowles: 'Simplify Tax Code, Rates Will Go Down'

    Former debt commission co-chairs on earmark battle, budget cuts, taxes

  5. Cell Phone Radiation Danger

    Mobile device radiation and your brain

  6. Military Update

    Chairman of Joint Chiefs of Staff Admiral Mike Mullen weighs in on Afghanistan, Iraq and Iran

  7. 'Devaluing the Prize'

    Fmr. U.N. Ambassador John Bolton says Obama's Nobel Peace Prize is 'fundamentally a political message'

  8. Don't Panic

    Dave Ramsey's advice for investors following Dow's 514 drop

  9. Bailout Body Language

    A look at Pelosi's partisan speech and the O'Reilly-Kerry economic shoot-out

  1. Miller Fired Up About Ground Zero Mosque Madness

    Sage of Southern California sounds off on controversial issue

  2. High Alert

    Russia hunts for train bombing suspects

  3. Mail Bomb Defused in Rome

    Found at the Greek embassy

  4. 'Spreading the Wealth'

    Socialist presidential candidate Brian Moore on whether McCain and Obama are both acting like members of his party

  5. Who Leaked Afghanistan Docs to Wikileaks?

    Army intel specialist formerly charged with leaking military secrets to website now under suspicion in leak of thousands more documents

  6. Will Religion Become Extinct?

    New study suggests this could become reality in several countries

  7. Use It or Lose It?

    Study : More sex lowers risk of erectile dysfunction