[WATCH] Sage Northcutt teaches his crazy flips to other UFC fighters

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As if Sage Northcutt winning his UFC debut earlier this month in under a minute wasn't impressive enough, immediately after doing so, he executed a front-flip with the balance and smile of a champion gymnast, right in the center of the UFC Octagon, for the camera.

The 19-year-old headed to Montreal and the famed TriStar gym last week to learn some new stuff, but he also ended up trying to teach other UFC fighters like Olivier Aubin-Mercier and Kajan Johnson his tricks. OAM and Johnson couldn't quite get it down.

Canadian national wrestling team member Dori Yeats, however, cracked the front-flip code, and then executed a perfect backflip side-by-side with Northcutt, afterwards. Check out the fun video above for some almost unbelievable, high-flying (and breakdancing) action.

The teenaged sensation won't late long to step back into action. On Dec. 10, he'll fight in Las Vegas, against Cody Pfister.